Jewelry FAQ


Gold Plated Mixed Metals: Most affordable styles. Gold plated pieces may contain brass or silver as the base metal. This means it has a thin layer of gold over a base. Don't shower with gold plated jewelry, apply lotions / perfume with it on, swim or workout in it. 

Sterling Silver: Styles are plated over .925 sterling silver making them a higher quality than gold plated over brass items. Styles that contain sterling silver will not turn green or brown. They can handle getting wet - however we don't recommend it showering etc. with them on a daily basis. 

Stainless Steel: Styles plated over stainless steel are non tarnishing, hypo allergenic and water proof. You still want to wipe off at the end wearing it with a small jewelry cloth. Will last longer than normal plated items.

Gold Filled: Styles have a thicker coating of gold. Please check our product description if item is 14k or 18k gold filled. Gold filled items will wear longer than gold plated pieces but still need some love as these items are not 24k solid gold. To clean your gold filled pieces, use a mild jewelry cleaning solution and run under water and pat dry. * Gold filled can still get dull and fade if there is heavy wear, constant perfume/hair chemicals, sea salt water and chlorine are constantly getting on it.                      


Turning Vs. Fading 

Turning - Your item turned color, rusted, and possibly left your neck or ring fingers green / brown. Uh oh!

Fading - When an item starts to lose it's color but still looks good and kept up with. Didn't turn green, rust or tarnish. '' Fading can happen to ALL gold filled jewelry NO matter the brand you buy from''